What is MMi ?
Metals Market Index “MMi” is a price reporting agency “PRA”, based in Singapore, specializing in compiling and publishing spot price benchmarks for commodity markets around the world.
It is an impartial organization, with no involvement in the production or trading of commodities. MMi applies a rigorous, data-driven methodology to compile indices that reflect average spot market prices.
Leadership Team
MMi Prices
Steven Randall
Steven co-founded The Steel Index (TSI), a specialist ferrous price information service, in 2006. He quickly established TSI as the leading provider of benchmark prices for iron ore, steel and scrap, used by industrial companies worldwide and as the settlement basis for over 30 futures/derivatives contracts on commodities exchanges in Asia, Europe and North America. He left this position at the end of June 2016 to pursue new ventures and undertake independent consulting assignments.
MMi Prices
Jarek Mlodziejewski
Jarek Mlodziejewski joined The Steel Index (TSI) in 2010.specializing in coking coal, scrap and price risk management. He worked at Freight Investor Services in Singapore as a derivatives broker before rejoining TSI to build the coking coal futures contract. He left this position in 2018 to work alongside Steven Randall once again to lead efforts in developing Metals Market Index.
Iron Ore Team
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Amy Dong
Amy (Huanhuan) Dong joined the iron ore department at Shanghai Metals Market (SMM) in 2015, developing strong relationships with industry players such as steel mills, traders, producers and downstream manufacturers. She communicates daily with domestic Chinese iron ore port stock participants, working alongside the Metals Market Index (MMi) team since June 2017 to build the new MMi product offering.